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Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

Typesetting is the final stage of communicating your marketing message to the intended audience.

Tradovision is a one-stop-shop for your translating and typesetting needs. At Tradovision, we process your documentation from text to layout.

Our DTP department quickly and efficiently prepares your brochures, catalogues, and reports, making sure that they look equally attractive in all languages.

Our typesetting and desktop publishing services are unmatched in the industry. We are familiar with the nuances of typesetting from expansion and contraction of the texts in different languages to hyphenation and alignment/adjustment rules in languages and the native fonts that fully suit the marketing message you demand.

In typesetting, incorporating text and graphics onto a page is not enough. The volume of text can be expanded or contracted up to 50% in some languages. Tables, charts, logos, and diagrams are the most delicate parts that need special care and attention. Our cultural advisers help you decide on the best-looking fonts for your target language and provide you with comments they have on the layout to ensure the best match possible in terms of resemblance with the original.

We specialize in DTP of Middle Eastern (right-to-left) and character-based texts with which many clients face challenges.

We use DTP specialists who are native in the language they are typesetting (i.e., a French DTP specialist working only on French projects); thus the page layouts will appear as if they were created within the target community.

We have expertise in all applications and typeset in both MAC and PC platforms.

We specialize in working with all major DTP applications, including

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