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Practitioner Evaluation

All translators, editors, and typesetters are evaluated prior to working with Tradovision. Upon successful completion of the initial evaluation phase, they join the Tradovision team on a temporary level while their names have yet to be added to our database.

During the live courses of their first translation projects, their work is being constantly evaluated by two in-country proofreaders so that we can identify their abilities in the specialist areas they are approved for.

Our stringent evaluation criteria require our translators to achieve a score of 8 out of 10 in the course of translation practice of the first 20,000 words. As soon as the practitioner achieves this level of quality, his/her status will be changed and the practitioner's details will be added to our database and Translation ERP ® platform and will be available to our project managers.

Every piece of work the translator completes will be quality-checked and scored in the history of his/her cooperation with Tradovision, and such evaluations will be key factors in our selection process for any new projects.