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Translation work flow

1. Sign off on the price: We will send you a quotation, and upon your approval, a contract containing terms we all agree on will be sent to you.

2. Brief preparation: Once the terms are in agreement, we will prepare a brief for the translator(s) and/or proofreader(s) assigned to your task in which special instructions outlined by you and Tradovision will be included.

3. Assignment: Based on the requested service level, we will assign the job to the best translator(s) and/or proofreader(s) who work in their mother tongues and specialize in the subject matter and the industry. Via email or Skype conversation, we will ensure that the translator has fully understood the instructions and is fully comfortable with the text type and the deadline.

4. Acceptance: The translator(s) and/or the proofreader(s) accept the job and start work on it immediately.

5. Progress monitoring: Our project managers stay in close contact with the translator(s) to make sure they are progressing as the schedule requires and will contact you should the translators have any queries.

6. Working closely with you: Your project manager will stay in touch with you throughout the translation process to relay your possible new instructions to the translators and their queries to you. Any changes in the source text will be communicated to the translator(s).

7. Proofreading: The translation will be revised by the proofreader(s) and sent back to the translator for approval.

8. Quality check: The project manager will review the files to verify that instructions are followed, that everything is present and correct, that the target file formatting is the same as the source's, and that the file is in the format you have requested.

9. Final delivery: The finalized content will then be delivered by the project manager to you via the agreed delivery method.

10. Client review: As soon as you review the material and confirm your satisfaction with the work, you will contact the project manager and advise the completion. The job will then be closed, and someone from our accounting department will send you an invoice.