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Tools and Technologies

To ensure accuracy, improve turnaround time, and lower costs for our clients, we use the Translation ERP ® platform, CAT tools, and translation memory software.

To ensure accuracy, improve turnaround time, and lower costs for our clients, we use CAT tools and translation memory software.

We use the most recent version of almost all CAT tools and localization software including Trados, Wordfast, Deja vu, Alchemy Catalyst, Passolo, SDLX Lite, OLT, MemoQ, MetaTexis, and other cutting-edge technologies.

We apply our own translation memory maintenance approach. For each language, subject matter, and industry, we develop a specific translation memory system, and our editors and translators update translation memories (®s), clouds, and glossaries.

Our Translation ERP ® platform and CAT tools have reduced normal work time and improved quality to increase your value of investment.

Our Translation ERP ® platform allows centralized storage of all clients' translations, which are instantly available to project managers and translators.

The platform is designed as an integrated interface of project management and translation resource systems, which greatly reduce costs and time.

Language Identification

In some instances, clients have documents but do not know the language being used; thus they need to establish the language and then place their order. We do this free of charge, and with the help of our knowledgeable project managers, we will quickly identify the language.


We can work with any tool or file format you may use.

Common formats we deal with on a daily basis are Doc, Docx, PPT, XLS, PUB, PDF, JPG, ODT, INDD, IDML, INX, XLIFF, TTX, ITD, TRT, and AI.

We are also able to translate from uneditable source files, such as PDFs, JPEGs, and Scans.

Terminology and Style Guide

For ongoing and large-scale projects, we develop a glossary of technical terms. If a few translators are to work on the project because of a tight deadline or size of project, we write a style guide for that project to help achieve a unified and consistent final translation.