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Healthcare Marketing Companies

An in-depth understanding of the target market and its regulatory requirements is one of the main prerequisites for a successful medical marketing campaign. Another equally important element is familiarity with local customers' needs and expectations. And finally, familiarity with the local competition is necessary to be able to develop an effective marketing plan.

Once all of this information has been amassed and analyzed by the company's marketing department, and once a marketing strategy has been formulated, it becomes time to adapt the marketing materials to the local culture. This is a complicated process whereby all the relevant documents, from product documentation to promotional materials, are adapted for the new overseas market, a process that often entails more than just translation. This process often entails adapting existing materials to a radically different cultural or economic milieu before the revised materials are then ready for translation into the new target languages.

Tradovision is well positioned to support all of these international marketing efforts. With offices in four countries, translators servicing 120 languages, and a decade of experience translating for the healthcare industry, we can assist you with:

  • Adapting your brand names for the local markets
  • Translating all product materials, from product documentation to marketing materials, into the relevant local languages
  • Adapting your marketing materials to the target market, from content and photographs to colors and styles
  • Developing new promotional and marketing materials for the target customers in their own languages
  • Collecting information about local markets and regulatory laws
  • Localizing your website into the foreign languages

Tradovision employs specialist language professionals for virtually every language who are familiar with the healthcare, pharma, and medical fields, as well as being sensitized to the nuances of the relevant target culture.

We understand that deadlines matter, and that because the translation function is one link in a broader marketing process, delays cannot be tolerated. We therefore adhere to stringent turnaround frameworks. And for more urgent, time-sensitive projects, we offer a Tradovision Express HealthCare Marketing Language Solution.

We invite you to contact us, and a Tradovision professional can then meet with you to craft a language solutions strategy in support of your broader international marketing efforts.