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Medical Device Companies

Medical Device Companies

Foreign markets are of ever-increasing importance to medical device companies. Medical device company product development efforts are increasingly driven by the prospect of overseas sales. In the US alone, more than a quarter of domestically-produced devices are exported. Yet transnational marketing is not an easy task. The process, among other things, includes:

  • Researching target market needs and expectations
  • Researching local competitors
  • Researching local regulatory laws
  • Translating product documents, including medical device labeling, instructions, specifications, and safety documents
  • Rebranding for transnational "target" cultures

With an ever-growing need for global marketing, a medical device company's choice of its language partner can be critical to achieving a successful outcome.

Tradovision Language Solutions, as a leading provider of medical device language solutions, can help you achieve your global marketing strategy, from market research to labeling translation. Our specialist language solutions for medical device companies include translating all varieties of medical device documents, such as:

  • Data sheets
  • Directions for use (DFUs)
  • Instructions for use (IFUs)
  • Instructions manuals
  • Labels
  • Manufacturing Process Descriptions
  • Operating Manuals
  • Package Inserts
  • Patents for Medical and Surgical Devices
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Release notes
  • User notifications/disclaimers

Tradovision Language Solutions for medical device companies are provided by specialist translators familiar with the medical device industry and the principles of technical and promotional writing. Our specialist translators are either language professionals with relevant medical/marketing qualifications or professional translators with medical device translating experience.

Tradovision specialist translators for medical device companies work with the state-of-the-art translation technologies and have access to a wide range of resources and references in various languages, including bilingual and multilingual glossaries, term banks, and translation memories.

Our translators and project managers work collaboratively on your projects to ensure accuracy and clarity. We understand that time is of the essence in medical device marketing and provide fast turnaround for all projects. And for particularly urgent projects, we can provide a more expedited Express Language Solution.

To stay competitive in the global medical device market, you need a responsive language partner who will provide you with quality language services within both your budget and your deadlines. Your translators must be sensitized to the nuances of language generally, and also to the technical nuances of medical terminology and regulation. Tradovision takes pride in providing this level of quality for more than 120 languages spanning the entire planet.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your particular translation needs in terms of languages, document types, and pricing requirements. We will then put together a personalized package to help you succeed in the global marketplace.