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Regulatory Consulting Groups

We at Tradovision feel privileged to serve as the trusted language partner to a number of regulatory consulting firms around the world. With offices in four countries, we have language professionals qualified to produce quality regulatory translations in more than 120 languages. Our regulatory work includes healthcare, business compliance, and legal/judicial filings.

Accuracy is of heightened importance for filings that will be subjected to scrutiny by foreign governmental bodies. For all regulatory filings, we use translators who have prior experience in the subject matter of the filing and who are familiar with the relevant regulatory or judicial processes. Our translators have access to a wide variety of tools to help ensure a precise result, including state-of-the-art translation technologies, databases, and glossaries.

We understand full well that strict deadline compliance is critical in the regulatory context, where translation work is one link in a continuum of interlinked tasks that must be completed with ample time to meet a filing deadline. For that reason, we can provide an expedited translation service that is among the fastest in the industry.

We invite you to contact us to discuss on an individualized basis your firm's specific translation needs. We will work with you to put together a package that addresses your time frames and pricing needs based on the specific types of filings required for your business.