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Clinical Research Organizations (CROs)

CROs are service organizations that provide outsourced research services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. CROs conduct preclinical/clinical research and clinical trials worldwide on behalf of pharmaceutical and biomedical companies.

CRO activities, by their very nature, are transnational. Throughout their clinical research and clinical trial activities, CROs commonly work with large numbers of participants who speak numerous languages. It is therefore extremely important for CROs to have all relevant documents fully and correctly translated into all relevant target languages. Moreover, CROs commonly go through such quality assurance procedures as back translation and reconciliation to ensure that data is accurate and consistent across languages and thus ready for actual data analysis.

Here at Tradovision we understand that it is critical for CROs to have accurate and clean translations. That is why we provide tailor-made language solutions to CROs that address their needs at each stage of the research and trial processes, with particular attention to time deadlines and accuracy in specialized fields.

Tradovision's specialist translators are language professionals with backgrounds in medicine: they understand what CROs do. Their familiarity with clinical research, clinical trial processes, and end-client requirements enhances the quality of the translation work product.

At Tradovision, we fully appreciate the technical and legal requirements for clinical trial translations. We meet set deadlines while ensuring that our translation work is accurate and easy to understand.

Tradovision offers quality CRO language solutions in the following areas:

  • Clinical research
  • Diagnostic trials
  • Disease prevention trials
  • Experimental drug or treatment trials
  • Investigational medical devices
  • Post marketing surveillance and studies
  • Preclinical research
  • Surgery treatment trials
  • Vaccine trials

Tradovision uses the state-of-the-art translation technologies to ensure consistency across CRO clients and projects. Our experienced project management teams work collaboratively with CRO language professionals to ensure timely delivery of accurate translations in accordance with the specific requirements of each CRO project.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can provide solutions for your unique CRO translation needs.