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HealthCare Groups

Every healthcare executive knows that absolute accuracy in translation work is an imperative: an inaccurate or careless translation of a medical document, such as a patient record, can have catastrophic consequences for the patient and severe legal implications for the provider.

Moreover, as the provision of healthcare services becomes ever more global and transnational, there is a corresponding growth in the need for accurate, precise, yet clear, translations. This implicates two stakeholder groups that are critical to your failure or success: limited-English-proficient (LEP) patients and LEP providers. With respect to LEP patients, it is the provider who, as a practical matter, bears the burden of ensuring the accurate and effective communication of medical information. Although the provider cannot determine in all instances the extent of each LEP patient's English proficiency, the provider will be held legally liable for any miscommunication. Hence, the procurement of accurate medical translations has now become an essential Risk Management Function.

The situation with LEP health care professionals is slightly attenuated, because they are more likely to have some medical training involving the English language. Yet, here too, your company cannot, as a practical matter, determine in all instances a given professional's degree of English comprehension. And so, again, the burden is on the provider to ensure that all communications reflect the correct terminology while at the same time are easy to understand.

In addition to the central importance of accuracy, precision, and user friendliness, you rightfully expect expeditious service and guaranteed confidentiality from your translation provider.

Tradovision is committed to addressing all of the above concerns on an individualized basis for each of its clients. Our healthcare language solutions are tailor made based on your specific needs.

Tradovision healthcare language solutions are provided by specialist translators who are either professionals with both healthcare-related qualifications and language proficiency, or professionals in the field of translation or languages with significant healthcare translation experience. Tradovision healthcare specialist translators have access to a wide range of healthcare resources and references in various languages, including bilingual and multilingual glossaries, term banks, and translation memories.

To ensure maximum accuracy for medical documents, Tradovision has a rigorous Quality Assurance protocol whereby every translation is reviewed by a second specialist translator before final delivery. For urgent translation needs, we also offer an Express HealthCare Translation Solution.

We invite you to contact us, and a senior member of our staff will be pleased to work with you to craft a translation services package that will help secure your success in the global marketplace. We look forward to reviewing with you your specific healthcare translation needs and matching them to our specialist healthcare translators spanning 120 languages.